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March 2019

Group to host the WOMBAT 3 Workshop in Tel-Aviv, March 2019!
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July 2018

Nature Communications paper on opto-mechanical reflectometry published. Congratulations Gil, Hagai, Yosef and Eyal.


June 2018

Scientific Reports paper published: H. H. Diamandi, Y. London, G. Bashan, A. Bergman, and A. Zadok, "Highly-coherent stimulated phonon oscillations in a multi-core optical fibers," Scientific Reports 8, 9514 (2018). Congratulations Hagai, Yosef, Gil and Arik!

Hagai Diamandi

June 2018

Hagai awarded the prestigious Azrielli Fellowship for Doctoral Studies! Congratulations Hagai

Prof. Avi Zadok

June 2018

Congratulations to Prof. Zadok for the promotion to full professor position in Bar-Ilan University.

CLEO 2018

May 2018

6 papers presented at CLEO, May 2018. 4 oral presentations by Gil, Hagai and Avi.


May 2018

Rector Award 2018 given to Gil Bashsan, for excellence in M.Sc. studies. Congratulations Gil!

GaN - coupling

December 2017

Optical Materials Express paper published: D. Munk, M. Katzman, O. Westreich, M. Bin Nun, Y. Lior, N. Sicron, Y. Paltiel, and A. Zadok, "Four-wave mixing and nonlinear parameter measurement in a gallium-nitride ridge waveguide," Opt. Mater. Express 8, 66-72 (2018). Congratulations Dvir and Moshe!


April 2017

Congratulations Dr. Yair Antman for being awarded the Ph.D. degree!


April 2017

Congratulations to Prof. Zadok for receiving the Bar-Ilan University Rector Award for Scientific Innovation, 2017.


March 2017

Applied Physics Letters – Photonics paper published: Y. London*, H. H. Diamandi*, and A. Zadok, "Electro-opto-mechanical radio-frequency oscillator driven by guided acoustic waves in standard single-mode fiber," Applied Physics Letters – Photonics 2, 041303 (2017). Congratulations Yosef and Hagai!


February 2017

Optica paper published: H. H. Diamandi*, Y. London*, and A. Zadok, "Opto-mechanical inter-core cross-talk in multi-core fibers," Optica 4, 289-297 (2017). Congratulations Hagai and Yosef!


January 2017

Congratulations to Yair Antman for receiving the Rothschild Fellowship for post-doctoral studies, 2017. Congratulations Yair and good luck!


January 2017

Congratulations Dr. Shahar Levy for being awarded the Ph.D. degree! Well done!


November 2016

Welcome Arik Bergman!


October 2016

Congratulations Orel Shlomi for receiving the M.Sc. degree! Good luck in your new career!


June 2016

Congratulations to Prof. Zadok for joining the Israeli Young Academy of Science.


April 2016

Welcome Mirit Hen!


April 2016

ERC Starter Grant project is out the gate: Light-Sound waves Integrated Devices (L-SID).

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