We are often accustomed to think of the propagation of light and sound waves as two separate phenomena. This conception is, however, incorrect. Many optical waveguides also support guided acoustic modes. These modes may be stimulated by guided light waves through the physical mechanism of electrostriction, and may scatter light waves via photo-elasticity. The coupling of guided light and sound is referred to as Guided Acoustic Waves Brillouin Scattering, or GAWBS. We study this mechanism in standard optical fibers, fibers containing multiple cores, and integrated photonic devices on various substrates. We have recently shown that GAWBS processes have surprising implications. 1) They enable optical measurements of substances outside the cladding of a standard fiber, where light does not reach. 2) They introduce cross-talk among multiple fiber cores, even when these cores are completely isolated from one another optically. 3) They may give rise to oscillations in a hybrid opto-electronic cavity.

Research topic 1
Research topic 1

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